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"Recovery advocacy helps replace misinformation with understanding, misperception with empathy, and denial with hope."


As a Recovery Community Organization (RCO), Kootenai Recovery Community Center is a valuable part of the Recovery Advocacy Movement - a social movement led by people in addiction recovery and their allies aimed at altering public and professional attitudes toward addiction recovery and promulgating recovery-focused policies and programs. 


At both the local and national level, our public advocacy efforts focus on undoing stigma that surrounds the disease, shaping public policy, and educating people everywhere about alcohol and other drug problems and the promise of recovery.

These advocacy efforts are powered by the faces and voices of people from the community who are in recovery, their families and their allies, as well as families of loss channeling their pain to help others.


Our lived experiences prove that recovery is possible,

and our stories inspire action.



Recovery Month

September is National Recovery Month.  Each year, KRCC joins with other community partners to increase awareness, celebrate those in recovery and show our community that prevention works, treatment is effective and people DO recover!  Learn more about the annual North Idaho's Annual Recovery Celebration!

Call Me Campaign

Created by Panhandle Health District and Kootenai Creative, the Call Me Documentary provides first-person accounts of five local, North Idaho residents as they share their stories of recovery. Commentary from two professionals working in substance use disorder further the message that addiction is a disease and the hope of recovery is possible.

Together, as a north Idaho community, we can change our language and actions to make this a recovery friendly place.

Recovery Bill of Rights

The Recovery Bill of Rights is a statement of the principle that all Americans have a right to recover from substance use disorder. 

We call on our community members and elected officials to take action to help build communities that protect against discrimination and support individuals living in long-term recovery.

Advocacy with Anonymity

There are tens of thousands of men and women across our country just like you who want to speak out about their recovery experiences while honoring the principles that have worked so well for so many. This pamphlet answers questions that people who want to speak out are asking as they think about how to share their experiences and make it possible for others to get the help they need.

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